5. 1 grandma thing: Instagramification of cooking

Insta-ready apple cake. Photo: Gregory Rec/Portland Press Herald/Getty
We've reported on the rise of Instagram-friendly retail — brick-and-mortar stores paying special attention to decor to get millennials and Gen Z-ers through the door.
Now, Instagramification is coming for your old family recipes, reports WSJ.
The big picture: Instagram is changing the way we shop, eat and travel. We are curating everything — from Sunday dinner to a day at the beach — to pop as a square photograph on a screen, Axios' Erica Pandey writes.
  • Restaurants in London have swapped out drab wooden tables for sleek marble countertops so photos of their food stand out on Instagram and other platforms, BBC reports.
  • One Instagram user told her grandma to replace boring orange carrots with multicolored ones so her classic chicken soup would photograph well, per WSJ.
  • A home chef in D.C., who 'grams under @mc5ulli, owns special plates and a light box so she can capture stunning photos of her creations.