Watch your step, sir

With volatility rising, "America finally has a stock market to match the man in the Oval Office," Peter Coy writes in the new Bloomberg Businessweek, with Josh Green and Shawn Donnan:
  • "In a string of exultant tweets, [Trump] took credit for the bull market; now that stocks are falling, he’s tried to pin the decline’s parentage on others, including Democrats (for pushing the Russia investigation) and Jerome Powell, his choice to chair the Federal Reserve."
  • "Trump’s leadership style is ... wearing poorly. His strategy of keeping people guessing and off balance might work well with adversaries, but it alienates friends."
Quote du jour, from the 95-minute, on-camera Cabinet meeting that the N.Y. Times calls "Freewheeling and Fact-Free," and the WashPost says was "filled with falsehoods, revisionist history and self-aggrandizement":
I was here on Christmas evening. I was all by myself in the White House. It's a big, big house, except for all the guys out on the lawn with machine guns — nicest machine guns ever. I was waving to 'em. I never saw so many guys with machine guns in my life — Secret Service and military. These are great people. And they don't play games. They don't, like, wave. They don't even smile. But I was there all alone with the machine gunners, and I felt very safe, ... I have to tell you. They're great people. And there are a lot of them.