Trump v. markets
Screenshot from CNBC
President Trump pushed the markets down with a Tweet storm captured by the WashPost's Phil Rucker: "The Christmas Eve grievances billowing from the White House ... formed a heavy cloud of Yuletide gloom."
  • An isolated Trump "barked out his frustrations on Twitter" during his "third straight day holed up inside the White House during the partial federal government shutdown," Phil writes.
The Wall Street Journal had a little fun with the resulting market carnage: "Monday’s more than 2% drop was the Dow’s worst performance ahead of Christmas, trumping a 1918 record."
  • And the Journal said that Treasury Secretary Mnuchin’s "attempt to calm markets may have had opposite effect, analysts say."
Atlantic contributing editor Annie Lowrey offered a possible explanation for Mnuchin's unsettling announcement Sunday night that he was discussing liquidity with the nation's largest banks, when no one knew of a problem:
  • "The Treasury secretary was speaking to an audience of one. ... The press release was perhaps an attempt to show Trump that Mnuchin was doing something, anything, to talk the markets back into stability."